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HANDS has a homeownership program for low to moderate income families.  In this program HANDS builds houses in the city and county, which are sold for the appraised value.  HANDS offers downpayment, closing cost, and principal reduction, when needed, in the form of a Forgivable Second Mortgage for the difference.  For example, if the house appraises for $60,000 and the family can only qualify for a loan of $50,000 then HANDS can have a second mortgage for $10,000 plus legal fees.  As long as the family is living in the house they never have to pay on the second mortgage.


In this program there are income guidelines that must be adhered to.  These incomes guidelines are:


                             Number in                       Income

                             Household                      Limit


                             1 Person                         $30,150

                             2 Person                         $34,450

                             3 Person                         $38,750

                             4 Person                         $43,050

                             5 Person                         $46,500

                             6 Person                         $49,950

                             7 Person                         $53,400

                             8+ Person                       $56,850


We can pull their credit report to see how their credit looks to determine if they are ready to go to a financial institution to get a loan.  If there are bad debts, we offer counseling to help them get debt(s) paid.  (See our counseling section for further information.)